Save money by hosting your own paint and sip night in Gold Coast using these tips

Save money by hosting your own paint and sip night in Gold Coast using these tips

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This is, I believe, why the social painting movement as a whole is exploding. Perhaps you’ve heard of the wine and paint Gold Coast night or the Coffee and Canvas night. It’s also called Social Picture or Social Creativity, and it’s a fantastic way to spend some “girl time” while being creative, especially if you feel you lack artistic ability and would never attempt to paint a whole painting alone.

The primary disadvantage is that it may be quite expensive, and you may be unable to locate a paint and sip Gold Coast studio in your area.

Never fear; I’ll demonstrate how to host your own paint and sip Gold Coast party and even walk you through the process of creating an aspen tree painting, so you can lead your own group of adventurous artists-in-training.

Paint and sip Gold Coast night combines two of life’s greatest pleasures: painting and drinking. You’ll learn to paint in a relaxed group setting, take home a painting that you’re proud of, and, of course, drink!

Regrettably, some paint and sip Gold Coast classes are quite expensive: a two-hour class can cost between $30 and $50 per person, not including the cost of the alcohol. We decided to create a more affordable alternative so you can continue to paint and drink to your heart’s content without breaking the bank — and in the comfort of your own home.

To begin, stock up on the supplies listed below.

These supplies should be sufficient for four people, with additional supplies for future paint nights. If you already own a few of the household essentials, you’re saving even more money. These products cost $66.02 in total (assuming four people), or $16.51 per person!

Then, go to YouTube and search for a painting for beginners video.

YouTube has a plethora of subject options. Whatever you feel like painting, from a moon over a lake to the Northern lights to an adorable baby giraffe, there is almost certainly a video for it. While the exact materials utilized in these videos may vary, the fundamental resources we propose should allow you to combine and produce any necessary colors and brushstrokes.

Create a playlist to suit the occasion.

Relaxing jazz, coffeehouse atmosphere, or explosive rock? You are in command.

Purchase a bottle of your preferred wine.

In any case, paint and sip establishments are BYOB.

Finally, invite a few pals over (or arrange for a double date) to kick off the celebration.

A set of acrylic paints to share

Liquitex paints are ideal for both novice and experienced painters due to their thick viscosity and ease of blending. Eight 75 mL tubes of primary yellow, mars black, primary red, primary blue, titanium white, hooker’s green hue, yellow oxide, and burnt umber are included in this set.

Piece of canvas 

In comparison to stretched canvas, which is a single piece of canvas stretched over a wooden frame, a canvas panel is lighter, stronger, and more portable.


Each person will require a set, which includes a range of sizes to allow for broad, sweeping strokes, minute details, and everything in between. These brushes are gentle, do not shed hair, and can be used with both watercolor and oil paintings.

A paint and sip Gold Coast party is an excellent way to commemorate a wide range of occasions. All that is required is space and water for cleaning. Additionally, perhaps some appetizers and wine! Everything else will be provided by the painting party businesses, including aprons, canvases, paint, and paintbrushes. Whether your group members are novices or seasoned artists, the teacher will adapt the end work to your specific demands.

Girls’ Evening In

Gather your best gal buddies for an unforgettable night of “paint and sip”! Are you throwing a baby shower? Send the expecting mother home with some lovely nursery décor. Do you know a bride who wants a low-key wedding? Create a comfortable area for wine, chat, and painting. Are you looking for new ideas for your women’s group? A painting party at your house is an excellent choice for any gathering!

Picasso’s Night for Children

Thus far, you’ve held birthday parties at a bowling alley, a skating rink, and a neighborhood pizza parlor. Have you run out of ideas? Host a painting party for your mini-Picasso at your house! While most people believe that painting parties are only for adults, they are actually fantastic for children as well. The majority of paint and sip Gold Coast party providers can adapt their paintings to the age group. Additionally, they may provide you with a selection of paintings to choose from based on your topic, color scheme, or level of difficulty. Assist your children in discovering their artistic side and producing something they can be proud of!

Party for Teens Who Love to Paint

Even your tweens and adolescents will appreciate the opportunity to trade in their devices for a canvas! Organizing a painting party at their residence is a unique way to commemorate their birthdays. Additionally, they make an excellent pastime for post-prom gatherings, graduation lock-ins, and church youth groups. Painting party businesses excel at staying current with trends and offering paintings that appeal to a wide range of ages. Some even provide alternative surfaces to paint in addition to canvases, such as large lettering, cut-outs, picture frames, and pallets.

Consume, Sip, and Paint

When hosting a paint and sip Gold Coast party at your house, you’ll need some delectable snacks. Make them simple to chew because you’ll be holding a paintbrush in your other hand! Small bites are the way to go. Begin again! Even salad is better when served on a stick!

Suggestions for Host a Paint Party

Given your enthusiasm in leading this party, I’m guessing you have some sort of artistic or creative ability. (If not, that is OK!)

Simply keep in mind that people who do not believe themselves to be artists will be fearful of the process and will seek assurance from you.

Keep in mind that you should break down each procedure into as few phases as possible and describe everything. We began by explaining proper brush holding technique and the use of the water cup. (Afterwards, we all marked our water cups to prevent others from drinking from the incorrect ones.)

If you remember to encourage your visitors liberally, they will relax and have a good time!

The Party’s Schedule

Three major components constitute this artwork: masking the trees (steps 1-3), painting the sky (steps 4-6), and adding the bark and snow (steps 7-10). (steps 7-10). (Sections 7-9). Each area took around 30 minutes to paint, for a total of an hour and a half.

This appears to be almost right. It would have been exhausting to continue. The celebration lasted around two hours, not including pre- and post-party discussion.

Additionally, it took roughly an hour for myself and two friends to set up, which included general party preparation and setting up each painter’s station at the tables.

Get Assistance

Around 16 artists attended, and there was just enough of me to go around.

If you’re throwing a larger party, it’s a good idea to have two artists in charge, one to teach the techniques and another to circulate and assist with questions while people work.

The Party’s Budget

Finally…cost. Because we limited our supply list, painting cost around $10 per participant. (Not included are the costs of food and party decorations.)

I don’t believe you could do it for less than that, and I would strongly advise budgeting around $15-20 each person just to be safe. Click here to read about Know this before attending a paint and sip party in Gold Coast.