Know this before attending a paint and sip party in Gold Coast

Know this before attending a paint and sip party in Gold Coast

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Combining sip and paint Gold Coast lesson given by a professional with a highly entertaining setting and a few drinks, Paint and Sip Gold Coast events invite participants to have a creative and social experience. Either you bring your own liquor, or you build a bar inside your space. There are, however, many of our visitors who choose beer, whiskey, or lemonade over wine. Live your life and have fun! If you can meet two of the three criteria, you’re just fine.

This is what you may expect:

Nothing is required for this activity.

In paint and sip Gold Coast classes, you’ll be offered all of your painting equipment and safety gear, such as smocks, paintbrushes, corkscrews, wine glasses, and even ice buckets. This ensures that you will not need to arrive with anything.

Many groups bring snacks because you get to nibble while painting. What you can and cannot bring to eat is limited only by your imagination. To find out whether a nearby studio is a BYOB or bar, look up the food and beverage policy and see if they provide their own snacks.

You’ve also got a paint-free zone around your food and drinks.

Don’t be concerned about paining your hummus plate with paint! You should ensure your studio has a table or counter to accommodate food, beverages, plates, and so on. While individuals periodically get up throughout the session to grab another bite or drink, your painting table is large enough to accommodate both wine glasses and snack platters. You will also be provided with brief breaks to refill your watercolor palette without losing a stroke.

These are adult painting classes.

For the most part, we have attendees who are 25 and up. Painters must be at least 13 years old to join us in classes, and we do not allow children who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian. The concept of our studios is to provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where people may have a drink and relax. Find out on your local studio’s website whether they have age restrictions.

Classes are 2-3 hours long

The paint and sip Gold Coast class’ length depends on the artwork that you want to work on in your studio. Plan ahead and schedule the entire evening!

Showing up early is enjoyable.

Painters generally begin early in the morning to set up their food and drink and have some time to chat with their friends before starting the actual paint and sip Gold Coast session. We have begun just on schedule.

Listening to the artists’ instructions is a piece of cake.

There is no requirement to have any prior painting knowledge prior to the demonstration. The teachers will walk you through all of the fundamental things you need to know, like mixing paint colors and techniques. If you want to personalize your artwork, get started now! There’s nothing to worry about, they’ll also assist you. Click here to read about Save money by hosting your own paint and sip night in Gold Coast using these tips.

Snacks to munch on

Do you nibble, or not?

If you’re excited to let your creative juices flow, feel free to bring something to snack on while you work.

Despite being unable to definitively state what you should or shouldn’t eat during your paint and sip Gold Coast session, we have assembled a few suggestions for you to get you started.

Here are a few important things you should know regarding our studio’s setup. Coffee is always ready in our lounge since we have a lengthy table filled with bottled water and all the paraphernalia required to brew a wonderful cup. You’re welcome to use our plastic or ceramic plates, napkins, glasses, and cutlery. 

Another option for saving space at your paint station is to have a spot on the worktable where you can place all of your dishes and cutlery. The tools you have at your paint station include two paint palettes, brushes, a cup of water for washing, and a canvas with an easel, all of which are essential. If you study the above, you’ll notice how packed it may get. Realistically, it may be possible to squeeze in a glass of liquid and a plate of light fare, but having 4-course dinners and huge dinner plates will probably not fit in the space.

Snack items we’ve seen our customers bring in include these:

  • A pack of crackers and cheese
  • Sandwiches made using fingers
  • Cheese and Olive Tapenade
  • Pretzels/Chips
  • Protein bars, or granola
  • Any form of brownies or cookies.
  • Candy
  • Pizza

You are allowed to bring in whatever you would like for a private party, such as meatballs and chicken wings casseroles, salads, platters of food, huge birthday cakes, etc. It is simple to handle things like that in a private party setting because of the run of the whole room.

Questions people tend to have

Here are some questions that people tend to ask before attending a paint and sip party Gold Coast. 

What Am I to Expect?

A typical Paint and Sip Gold Coast event is unlike any other. You will be guided through the process of creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a judgment-free environment! The atmosphere is a reflection of the artists that have taken part! Expect to sing along to fantastic music, perhaps participate in a dance party, or simply relax and zone out without a care in the world! Our primary aim is to ensure that you have a GREAT TIME!

Is There Anything I Need to Bring?

You need just to bring yourself! You’ll be given everything you need to paint – paint, canvas, brush, apron, and a very great and amusing artist to keep you entertained while you work. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to the studio to grab a drink and a seat. At our in-studio bar, we sell beer, wine, soft drinks, and water. You are welcome to bring any NON-alcoholic beverages, as well as food and snacks, to enjoy. We are not a bring-your-own-beer establishment. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis (much as it used to be at the movies!)

What Am I to Wear?

A paint and sip Gold Coast night is an excellent spot for an evening out! Aprons will be given, so please dress appropriately. For instance, white pants are not recommended in our studio. Which is a shame because if you can pull off white trousers, you should by all means wear them…just not in our studio. Let’s face it…SPLATTER occurs! We utilize acrylic paint, which, once on your clothing, tends to remain put! Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover is available at your local convenience shop and works like a charm, but you must act quickly and use some elbow grease.